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  • Flats are 2-3 inch, shallow, wide plastic trays/containers used to start and keep seedlings. They can be bought or repurposed from yogurt or other plastic food containers. You can cling wrap the top to better retain moisture for the seeds.

  • Peat pellets are self-contained soil made up of peat or coconut coir. The outside is a biodegradable material that lets roots go through easily and decomposes over time. Most expand when watered. Peat pellets are great seed starters and are useful for seeds being transplanted.


Pick a container deep and wide enough with your plant’s dimensions in mind – you can find recommended container sizes for the seeds we choose. A good sized pot will ensure the roots have enough space to grow a healthy plant.

Containers must have holes at the bottom for the water to drain out or the plant roots will sit in water and rot. Pick containers with holes or you can carefully make  them yourself.



While not technically a “container”, raised garden beds are a great method of growing as an alternative to planting directly in the ground. Dig 4-6 inches into the soil and prepare the ground by raking or digging. Add more soil to the top of the soil you prepared reaching 6-8 inches with 12 inches being the optimal height. Use soil prepared from the ground nearby or commercially bought, well-draining soil. The raised soil can stand free or be enclosed by a frame made of wood, rock, brick, or concrete and enriched with compost.

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