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Please use this form to contact us regarding your purchase order (item missing, broken item, order change). For help with growing a specific seed please see our growing guide or for additional information on growing (watering soil, etc.) please see our learning center. We promise to respond by the end of the next business day; although we strive for the best customer service, please keep in mind we are a small and growing business that believes time with family is important so we will only respond between 9am-5pm EST weekdays. The nature of our business requires us to be outside most of the day and therefore the best way to contact us is through email. We believe in honesty and transparency which is why we set the expectations before contacting us- what's worse than having a doctors appointment for 2pm and not being seen until 3:30pm am I right?

Email: info@bankonseeds.com

Phone: 1 (800) 535-3593


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