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Grow Guide

Learn the best way to grow your favorite veggies

Clear instructions to optimize your results! We HIGHLY SUGGEST reviewing our quick start guide below BEFORE the grow guides. This will explain all the information displayed in the guides so that you can have the best produce in your pantry!

Quick Start Guide

This comprehensive guide is here to help whether you are a beginner or an old- timer. Here is a key to understanding the graphic and the table included with each seed variety.

1) Amount of space to leave between seeds
2) Recommended depth to bury the seed in soil
3) Approximate time it takes until your plant is full grown
4) Level of light required to grow the plant
5) Smallest recommended container size for the plant
6) Bank on Seed’s recommended ratio of soil mix between garden/potting soil, peat, and perlite
7) Recommended proportion of fertilizer:
Nitrogen(N) - Phosphorus(P) - Potassium(K)

Advanced Information

This information is for optimal plant growth so no worries at all if you don’t have exactly what’s recommended. All you really need is a little bit of space, some soil, water, warmth, and light.

D/T: recommended method of planting the seed; Direct Sow or Transplant

Hardiness Zone: USA is divided into 13 grow zones grouped together by weather. See included zone map to locate your hardiness zone or search online using your zip code. Plant is best suited but not limited to the recommended zones

RLFD: Relative to Last Frost Date; Frost dates are the day of the year when it is 50% likely that the temperature will dip below freezing (32¬įF), resulting in frost on the ground. Look up your frost date online or see our guide in the back. LFD depends on your hardiness zone.

Germination: average time it takes for the planted seed to emerge as a seedling

Height: average height of full-grown plants

ABP: Annual, Perennial or Biennial; see back of guide for details

Soil pH: recommended acidity level of soil, 7 is neutral any less becomes more acidic and any more becomes more alkaline.

For more specific instructions, click for watering, sowing, germinating tips and more on our learning center page!

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