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Golden Frills Mustard Green Guide


The quick growing, spicy greens go great in stews or soups or as sides next to roast dishes. Pluck the tender baby leaves for a hint of spice and flavor to your salad or incorporate the immunity boosting leaves into your sandwiches. Either way, these greens will pair and pop any dish you set your mind to!


Mustard greens grow well in cooler temperatures between 45°F-70°F. They do great in containers and gardens. Bank on Seeds recommends direct seeding.

If Direct Seeding

  • Direct seed outside 2 weeks after last frost date; or
  • Direct seed into a container 8-10 inches deep and wide anytime of the year. It can be placed outside when the temperature is between 50°F-70°F; or

If Transplanting

Begin the growing season early and start the mustard green seeds indoors in pods 2 weeks before the last frost date; germination is best between 60°F-70°F. It can be transplanted outside 4 weeks later.

Sow the mustard green seeds ¼ inch-deep, 2 inches apart with rows spaced 12 inches in between. Germination will take 4-7 days.


Mustard greens grow easily and like well-draining, rich soil free of weeds. They also like full sun but can tolerate partial shade. Water regularly to encourage even growth. Check the top 2-3 inches of soil and if dry, then water it.

Use 5-5-5 or 10-10-10 fertilizer at half strength every 6-8 weeks.

Fertilizer is not a requirement.


Days to maturity take 25-45 days. Pick the leaves as needed as a cut and come again plant. Baby leaves will be sweet and tender and best harvested around 3 weeks in – leaving longer will enhance the bitter taste. More will grow in another month or so – you can harvest the same plant 3-4 times.


Aphids, cabbage loopers, flea beetles, slugs - spray off with water, handpick, insecticidal soap, diatomaceous earth, row covers, neem oil

Leafspot, black rot, mildew - do not water from overhead, let dry between watering, keep free of weeds, ensure enough air circulation, cut off affected parts, fungicide, neem oil, rotate crop every 3 years

*Companion plant mustard greens with mint, chives, carrots, peas, radishes, and marigolds. Avoid planting with beans and sunflowers. *

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