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Herb Pack

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive collection than the superfluous selection in our Herb Pack. This massive variety of flavor lends itself to endless possibilities in the kitchen. Whether it be fresh basil for your caprese, or cumin and cilantro to spice up your burrito bowl, these herbs are quick to grow and easy to care for. Seed quantities vary among varieties, but when sown together this Pack can easily fill out an entire garden and provide a constant supply of fresh herbs for a small family. Buy once, have seeds for life. All Bank On Seeds Packs have everything you need to collect your seeds at harvest and continue your crop year after year.

Bank on...

  • Growing indoors
  • Quick grow time
  • Easy care


Seed Variety

Organic Fino Fennel
Common Chamomile
Golden Frills Mustard Greens
Fine Leaf Chives
Slow Bolt Cilantro
Common Anise
Common Cumin
Lemon Mint Monarda
Mountain Mint
Garnet Giant Mustard Greens
Dwarf Jewel Mix Nasturtium

Italian Oregano

Dukat Dill

Genovese Basil

Common Borage

Giant of Italy Parsley

German Winter Thyme

Common Sage
Lemon Balm
Sweet Marjoram


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