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Self Store Seed Bank


Built to house any seeds. Optimized for long term storage and emergency use. This is the ultimate seed vault.

You already have the seeds, now get the case. The BOS Self Store Seed Bank is the same design as our popular Seed Bank but without the seeds. Built to house 120 varieties, this is the end game design you are looking for. 

The BOS Seed Bank comes primed for long term storage, retaining viability much higher than lesser quality systems that may be ineffective or need to be repackaged. The case comes pre-loaded with 120 labeled food-grade capsules and are kept organized in 5 shock absorbent EVA trays which are housed in an IP67 ruggedized case. Sealed with a desiccant this case is waterproof, shock proof, dust proof, and moisture controlled. You can bank on your seeds surviving the worst conditions and extending your seed viability for years.

*This case DOES NOT come with seeds or grow guide, if you would like your case with seeds please click here.

Case Size: 9in x 11in x 6in (1 Case)

Seed Capsule Size:  1.25in x .75in (120 Capsules)

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