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Seed Safe


A Food Garden In a Box. Packed to Last and Scalable. Perfect For Smaller Spaces.

The BOS Seed Safe is the compact version of the BOS Seed Bank, the ultimate food garden system. Perfect for small families looking to create food security while saving money on groceries. When sown properly, the BOS Seed Safe can supplement a large portion of food usually purchased at the store. 54 varieties of USA sourced seeds are included, covering the entire nutritional spectrum. Each variety was carefully chosen for its resilience, ease of growth, and high yield. The BOS Seed Safe comes with reusable seed capsules for storing the seeds from your harvest, perfect for keeping the crop going season after season and expanding your garden. Extra capsules provided for adding your own seeds. A 132 page Grow Guide specific to the included varieties covers everything you need to know, whether beginner or pro, making sure you reap the best possible harvest. Our seeds are stored and packed in a climate controlled environment at <8% humidity for optimal germination and improved long term viability. Ready for long term storage, the IP67 ruggedized case is watertight, dust proof, and impact resistant. Shock absorbing EVA foam trays organize and protect the durable seed capsules. You can bank on your seeds surviving the worst conditions.

Looking to start growing now? The BOS Seed Bank is the perfect way to start a living seed bank. It includes all the knowledge you need to start growing your own food today, and save the seeds to continue cultivating for years to come. Extra capsules are even included for adding your own varieties or saving seeds from whatever you already might be growing. Keep the BOS Seed Bank around so you always have the varieties you want on hand. Pick and choose when you’re ready to sow, and never worry about seed availability again! Already have seeds? Check out our Self Store model and store your own seeds! Foam may have different texture than pictured.

Seed Variety

Contender Bean
Long Island Brussels Sprout
All Seasons Cabbage
Red Acre Cabbage
Imperator 58 Carrot
Snowball Y Improved Cauliflower
Tall Utah 52-70 Celery
Common Chamomile
Fine Leaf Chive
Slow Bolt Cilantro
Vates Collard
Plains Coreopsis
Marketmore 76 Cucumber
Dukat Dill
Purple Echinacea
Florida Market High Bush Eggplant
Brilliant Rainbow Quinoa
Garden Mesclun Blend Greens
Red Russian Kale
White Vienna Kohlrabi
Lemon Balm
Ruby Leaf Lettuce
Bibb Butterhead Lettuce
Grand Rapids TBR Lettuce
Petite Mix Marigold
Sweet Marjoram
Heart of Gold Melon
Mountain Mint
Red Giant Mustard Green
Dwarf Jewel Mix Nasturtium
Emerald Okra
Texas Early Grano 502 PRR Short Day Onion
Italian Oregano
Giant of Italy Parsley
All American Parsnip
Sugar Snap Pea
Sugar Ann Pea
California Wonder Pepper
Connecticut Field Pumpkin
Cherry Belle Radish
Hailstone Radish
American Purple Top Rutabaga
Common Sage
Bloomsdale Spinach
Buttercup Burgess Squash
Early Prolific Straightneck Squash
German Winter Thyme
Bradley Tomato
Large Red Cherry Tomato
Golden Ball Turnip
Sugar Baby Watermelon
Cherry Queen Zinnia
Dark Green Zucchini

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